Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for Angular and AngularJS applications. Protractor runs tests against your application running in a real browser, interacting with it as a user would.


How to integrate Protractor test results with

1. Go to settings page and add new Environment and new Test Suite

 2. For protractor / jasmine you can use: jasmine-web-reporter

npm i jasmine-web-reporter

 3. Create conf.js:

 onPrepare: function() {
    var webRep = require('jasmine-web-reporter');   
    browser.getProcessedConfig().then(function(config) {
        var browserName = config.capabilities.browserName;
        jasmine.getEnv().addReporter(new webRep.WebReporter({
          projectName:'Project 1',
          url: '',
          environment : 'Stage',
          info : {
            "browserName" : config.capabilities.browserName

  4. Run protractor

protractor conf.js