– Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.

How to integrate test results with

 Initiate the project

npm init -y


Install cypress and QAconsole reporter

npm install cypress –save-dev
npm install cypress-qaconsole-reporter –save-dev


Open Cypress UI  – it will generate examples

./node_modules/.bin/cypress open

Run one of the example in headless mode

./node_modules/.bin/cypress run –spec “cypress/integration/examples/window.spec.js”

Send results to QAconsole – specify projectName, environment, url and apiKey


./node_modules/.bin/cypress run –spec “cypress/integration/examples/window.spec.js” –reporter cypress-qaconsole-reporter –reporter-options projectName=Cypress,environment=Local,url=,apiKey=beb2198f-13c4-4210-b84d-d50e472594fc