All your test results in one place

Test case management and test automation results in one comprehensive tool.


Get a comprehensive list of all qaconsoles features.

Combine all quality efforts in one tool. Features designed not only for the Quality Assurance team but also targets Project Managers and Test Managers

Test Automation Reports

View all your test automation results on multiple dashboards, choose which one suits you best.

Test Case Management

Manage manual and automated test cases.

Test Case Result Autoupdate

Include TestCaseId in your test automation title in order to auto-update test case status in regression report.

Issues Management

Report and track bugs reported by your team


Report all quality assurance efforts in one comprehensive dashboard. Manage your test cases and link them with test automation results.

Send your Results

We gather all results you can think of

Send all your test automation products: unit test written by developers, Jenkins test results, integration test written by QA, smoke tests and fixes from your local environment

Let us do the analysis

Give your results real meaning

We match test automation results with existing test cases. You can also send slack, trello or webhook notifications and prepare reports to catch flaky tests.

Review all your QA efforts

Review your results from multiple angles

Multiple dashboards will allow you to view your results in a way that best matches your needs. Manage regression tests and manual test cases. Make a decision based on your environment’s score.



Receive and send further

QAconsole accepts and processes multiple test reports and is also able to send to slack, trello or any webhook.

Jasmine, Jest and Protractor

Send test results directly from javascript jasmine/ Jest and Protractor using npm libraries

Java-Junit and Jenkins

Sedn Junit xml result by curl, Jenkins plugin, maven, ant and gradle. 

.NET-Xunit and TeamCity

Export Xunit report using Junit’s xml format and send by FTP from TeamCity CI server.

Slack notification

After successful processing of your test results we will send notification to a specified slack channel.

Trello card creation

If test fails we will automaticaly create task in trello with failed test to fix

Simple post to webhook

QAconsole will send results to any webhook.


The QA guys tell me it makes their life easier. From my perspective it does give me confidence all our tests are being ran.

Alex VanLaningham, Katon Direct


Your custom QA test tool is a convenient way for us to drill into the details after we receive the results feed into our Slack.

Doug Victor, Taxamo

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